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How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Family Law Attorney?

Many couples are concerned about the cost when they are about to hire a family law attorney. The cost depends on how you hire the lawyer for your case. Most people will hire a divorce lawyer from start to finish. Some people would only hire a lawyer to handle a portion of the case, for example, reviewing a settlement agreement or seeking consultation on certain issues on the divorce.

How Attorney Fees are Charged?

Most divorce lawyers in Irving TX charge their clients by the hourly rate. Every divorce case is different so the cost is also different. Therefore, you should not compare the cost by looking at your friend’s divorce who looks similar to yours. Couples who are amicable only need to see the lawyer 1 – 2 times to close the case. On the other hand, if your ex is bitter about the divorce, he could continue in arguing on certain issues which cause the divorce to be dragged on for many years. This is why you cannot accurately predict how much the divorce process is going to cost you.

Average Cost of Divorce Attorneys

Most divorce lawyers will charge at least a few hundred dollars per hour. The cost of the divorce attorney will depend on several factors such as location, experience, and reputation. The more reputable the lawyer is, the higher the hourly rate will be. It is important to get a lawyer that can accommodate your budget. You don’t want to run out of funds halfway which can delay the divorce process.

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You and your ex will spend much less on the legal fees if there is no disagreement on the major issues. Some of the major issues in a divorce are alimony, child custody, child support, and division of property. If there is no contested issue, you can expect to pay much less. If there is a dispute, the legal cost could increase by a few thousand dollars. The cost can increase even more if the case goes to trial in the court.

How the Length of Divorce Can Affect Legal Cost?

Divorce that takes longer to resolve will cost more. You will want to look into the factors that are causing the divorce to be delayed. You can try to be understanding and don’t argue with your ex on certain issues. This is because the number of contested issues is often the reason why a divorce can take longer to solve.

Having to deal with a stubborn spouse is another reason why divorce can be delayed. You can get a highly efficient lawyer to act as your mediator. He will be able to persuade your spouse so that he let go of his stubbornness and be more agreeable to you. The amount of time required for the lawyer to collect the evidence can also delay the divorce. You can compile the evidence yourself and then let the lawyer review. A highly efficient lawyer will also advise you on ways you can save money on legal costs.